Meditate Awakes vision is to help you transform your life through meditation, insight, and action.

There are 6 areas of intention, or aspirations, that make up an awake life and are the most commonly sought: Better Sleep, Closer Connection, Deeper Purpose, Mindset, Fitness, Stress Relief

These 6 areas for awake living, combined with the power of the Meditate Awake Flow have been carefully and thoughtfully developed to access through the app so you can experience transformation in your own life, one day at a time.

Meditate Awake Flow ™:
Aspiration (Intention) + Preparation (Meditation) + Insight (Investigation) + Action (Actualization) = Transformation

Community is also an important part of the app. You’ll be able to see what others are saying about their insights and actions, as well as share your own.

About Erik

Like many of us, my youth was marked with tremendous ups and downs and after a while I found myself stuck, not able to feel at peace in the world, discontent, and in constant search of the next thing that would “fix me”. Soon I was all out of answers and turned to meditation as a refuge. While meditation did offer some reprieve from the stress I was feeling in the moment, it wasn’t lasting and the life change I desired wasn’t happening. The teachers, online videos, books, and apps (and there are a lot) didn’t address the real problem – the attachment to self/ego and the seeking of pleasant or avoidance of unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and actions. There are habit patterns we develop over long periods of time, and without changing behavior, those habit patterns (mental, emotional, and physical) run our life and hold us back.

I’ve been practicing meditation for over 20 years, studied with the world’s top teachers, went on 10-day silent courses, obtained certificates, attended retreats and college courses, and tried several methods, modalities, apps, and environments. During the last 10 years, I had a life-altering shift as a result of what I created and call the A.P.P.(Awakening Paradigm Practice)™ which makes up the Meditate Awake Flow.™

That’s when I found the key to breaking habit patterns and transforming my life. The simple fact is that wanting to improve an area of life with meditation alone is not enough. Meditation is more than a relaxation exercise. Used in combination with other steps, it has the power to actually transform the mind, and in turn, Reality.

So instead of just wanting to improve my sleep for instance, I used meditation as a preparation to ask myself insightful question afterwards, ie, “what is preventing me from getting better sleep”. The answers surprised me because they were so simple. And having asked myself that question I was now ready to take the transformational step, daily action. I’d commit to doing one thing that day to improve my sleep, ie, not drink caffeine after 2p. I would repeat this flow every day and eventually, sometimes sooner than later, my sleep transformed – by simply asking myself questions and taking action, with meditation as the foundation, my life changed.


Every meditation I guide you on is created to prepare you for deep insight and daily action.

Erik Howerbush, Founder/Creator of Meditate Awake

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