Attitude of Gratitude

May 18, 2020 By admin

Today is the perfect day to embrace a practice of gratitude. Consciously deciding to acknowledge what you are grateful for is one of the most powerful ways to draw your mind into a meditative state in which you can create new physical and emotional structures for interacting with the world.

No matter what you’re doing today, take just 5 minutes to say — out loud — 5 things that you’re thankful for. It doesn’t matter what those things are, or whether they’re things that are considered worthy of gratitude by society at large.

As you speak your gratitudes, notice if at any point you inject them with negativity — do you reign yourself in, or remind yourself that you could lose those things at any time? It’s OK if you do. But notice it, and then let it go. You are free to feel gratitude without fear.

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