Closer Connection

Common Connection Blocks

May 1, 2020 By admin

Are you waiting for something? Waiting for some change to occur before you can give, and receive, the love and trust you crave? Before you can have that relationship — the great relationship, with the person who understands you. Or before you can make your current relationship better; before you can cut out all the games and let go of all the resentment and enjoy the existence of the person you’re with.

This waiting causes suffering. What needs to happen starts with you. Step into the present moment and be where you are. See the person you are. See the person you’re with — or the person you want to be with. Forget your assumptions and expectations and show up with openness, curiosity, and love. The relationship that will fulfill and inspire you is possible.

Picture Credits: Mahkeo, Unsplash

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Closer Connection

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