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Do You Skip Over Self Respect?

May 23, 2020 By admin

Something that all of us share is a desire to be respected. Isn’t this true in your working life? Whatever your career, you want to know that others respect your knowledge and skills. But knowledge and skills alone do not necessarily command respect.

In an ideal world you know that others have unshakeable trust in your capacity to do your job well. And to be successful, that trust is important. But you can’t gain the trust of others if you’re not approachable; no one is going to understand the depth of your abilities if they don’t bring their problems to you — either because you don’t command their respect, or because they are fearful of you.

Do this: allow yourself to be respected. Offer your opinions confidently and accept rejection confidently, too. If it is clear to others that you trust yourself, they will respect you.

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